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Let's Learn To Love Ourselves

We can get discouraged and put ourselves down so much when we compare ourselves to others. We shouldn't do it, but we are human and that's what we do. I wish I didn't do it so much. I constantly see pictures of these beautiful girls on Tumblr and Instagram with their perfect hair, sun kissed skin, white teeth, glowing skin (face), and a body to kill for. I question myself as to why I don't look this way.

I remind myself that even if I want to look like them, I can't because that's not how I was made. Everyone has a different body type and that's what makes us all unique. If we want to make ourselves look like others, that just makes us copies. I don't want to be a copy, I want to be Ilana.

-I have frizzy hair no matter how much product I put in it
-I have great teeth that may not be white but I practice very good dental hygiene
-I'm not extremely tan, but I use sun block to protect my skin and prevent skin cancer
-I don't have flawless skin, but I do wash my face every day and moisturize and I'm not extremely acne prone, so I consider myself lucky
-My body type is unique to me and I can't change it (unless I went under the knife but that's not happening)

It's good to list these things about myself to show the positive and real side of it all. So I leave you with this quote I saw on Pinterest, know your worth, then add tax :)


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