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The Girl On The Train Review



So,  I finished reading The Girl On The Train this past Saturday and I saw the movie that night and let me tell you, I have some issues with both.

 First off, the book was good. Not AMAZING, but good. I just felt that with having each chapter switch off between Megan, Rachel, and Anna made it a little hard to follow sometimes. I felt that I couldn't remember all the bits of information and I had to go back to other chapters. The book was terribly slow and I took me a few days just to get past the first couple of pages. When it got to the climactic part of the book, you kind of saw it coming and I didn't really have that AH-HA moment where you can't believe that plot twist just happened. This is just my opinion. I think the whole idea of it was brilliant and somewhat thrilling but I wasn't impressed.

For the movie, I'm just going to list off my issues:

1. The actor playing Kamal was Hispanic but isn’t Kamal supposed to be Bosnian? I could be wrong but I just thought it didn't fit well. When reading the book I also imagined Kamal to be a tall, skinny, but fit tanned man with glasses and really smooth hair.

2. The scene where Scott is in Rachel’s house and goes to choke her is actually supposed to take place in his house and he’s supposed to lock her in a room where she discovers boxes of pictures. If they kept this scene, it would've been more intense.

3. Isn’t Rachel supposed to be a little pudgy? They describe her as "fat" in the book because of her drinking and lack of motivation.

4. Why is this taking place in New York and not England ?!

5. Why is Riley the main cop? Isn’t Detective Gaskil supposed to be the main cop with Riley as his partner?

6. The red headed guy on the train is supposed to be in his 20s and this guy looks like he’s in his 30s. I imagined a rowdy, young grad school student. Maybe Rupert Grint could've played this role well!

7. The scene with Martha being on the train and Rachel approaching her to apologize didn’t happen in the book if I recall correctly.

On a positive note, I thought Emily Blunt's portrayal as a mentally unstable drunkard was amazing. She deserves to win an Oscar for that alone.

Let me know what your thoughts are on the movie in the comments below!


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