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AMA Performance Favorite Highlights

The AMAs were last just night and it was an evening filled with interesting and beautiful outfits on the red carpet and a fantastic performance line-up. Taylor Swift opened the show by performing Blank Space for the first time on live television. She did a re-enactment of her music video and definitely wowed the crowd. Taylor also took home the Dick Clark Award of Excellence. Very much deserved.

One Direction serenaded the crowd by performing their new single Night Changes. With the boys dressed in black and a moon lit background, the performance definitely had a Twilight-esque theme to it. Nonetheless, their voices sounded angelic and they did not disappoint. ICYMI, the boys took home 3 AMA's.
Selena Gomez performed her new song The Heart Wants What It Wants and it was an extremely emotional performance. She not only got a little bit choked up, but so did her bestie, Taylor Swift. It was a very raw and personal performance, which made this performance one of my favorites of hers.
My favorite performance of the night was probably Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj singing Bang Bang. It was a very fun performance to watch. Not only did they really get into it and their vocals were on point, but Ariana's brother Frankie totally fan-girled when she came up and sang to him. He really is her biggest fan.


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Credit: WENN

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What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!